Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Light Before The Storm

Barns end of Day wide

Today we had a short rain storm, but just before the rain started some spectacular light for photography filled the sky.  I wasn't able to make it to the other side of the lake as I would have liked, but I did manage to capture a few decent images without leaving the yard.

In the video to the right, I talk a little bit about this blog, and my new Nikon P90 camera.  Two things that I would have to say are surprisingly not good about the camera is the fact that the memory card is located at the bottom of the camera.  This requires that any quick release assembly be removed before gaining access to the memory card.  As I am a high speed turnaround photographer, this totally defeats the primary mission of having the quick release in the first place.  The other is the fact that the camera seems to have a difficult time with focusing in the Macro mode or when using the zoom.  Needless to say I am very surprised in this as I have come to expect more from a company like Nikon. Rainbow_2464 for online use  I am happy with the relatively short start up time and the effectiveness of the 5 way vibration reduction.  Although I almost always use a tripod when doing any kind of "art" shooting, the vibration reduction is very nice for shooting long shots handheld.  The 24X zoom (that's over 600mm) lens is a handy feature for the other work I do.  Overall, I am happy with the camera and it is quickly becoming a valuable tool and an integral part of the work I do.

I still haven't had time to get back to the "Green Bay Independence Day" video that I started several weeks ago.  It is finally the content that will use my original composition "Shredder Jack Mak".  I wrote and recorded that song over two years ago specifically for an Independence Day video.  With my former  job with Brown Count, I was never able to take that holiday off (even though I had arranged to ... twice, but then had to cover because my newly graduatedReflections of the Evening (2)_2465 for online use Law Enforcement recruits had something better to do or they just couldn't bear the fact they were going to miss the big booms and large flashes.  Now that I am working for a private agency (who seems to appreciate my sacrifices (unlike Brown County, I don't even live there any more), I can actually have a  schedule where I can have a weekend off in the summer. And I don't even have to call in sick.

This evening I think I was able to catch some decent light.  From the Rainbow above, to the reflections of light in the window (one of my favorite effects) at the right, I had many good light opportunities to take advantage of.

I hope you enjoy the images and please leave a comment if you will.

Storm Comin_2469 for online use

Little Barn (2)_2454 for online use 

Farm field sunset_2452 for online use 

Little Lake Evening (2)_2459 for online use

Storm Brewing_2468 for online use


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