Friday, August 07, 2009

The T40 Torx® Drive Bit

I was working on my car, and in the instructions on Autozone there was a task DSCN0491that required (actually, my model didn't even require one) a Torx® Drive Bit D79P-2100-T40.  I searched and searched and found no reference online to know exactly what they were talking about.  Even Autozone didn't seem to carry one! 

As it turns out, I actually had one already the whole time.

The Photo to the above is a T-40.  Below, a T20. 

Now I haven't yet been able to find out exactly what the specific Torx® Drive Bit D79P-2100-T40 is, but one should at least get the idea here.

So, here you go.  The next guy may find this and learn what it was without the frustration I felt, or correct me if I am wrong.  The beauty of the Internet. T20 bit (9)


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