Monday, January 12, 2009

Webster Street, The Catholic Diocese of Green Bay Chancery Office, and My Treacherous Walk to the Store on Green Bay's Ice Covered Sidewalks.

DSCN3538 crop

A Tough Walk

I had to take a walk down Webster Street to get some groceries and decided to take the camera in the case of tDSCN3509_1056For emailhere being good light and any interesting sights that came to the eye. 

Negotiating the side walks after the most extreme Winter that we have experienced (so faDSCN3507_1054For emailr) in recorded history, the walk was as usual an effort in not sliding on the ice and snow covered sidewalks, falling, and suffering the obvious damage.  As you can see from the the photos, the sidewalks are not in very good condition.  As I compose this posting, there is more snow on the way.

I am set to foot as usual every winter as it seems that something breaks on my car every year just as the severe winter weather starts, and I cannot afford the repair and/or parts cost as I am on a strict budget (As I am a seasonal worker for Brown County, I spend the winters on Unemployment compensation).

This year it is a faulty Car Battery (for sure), or that and a bad alternator.  Last year it was the starter (two weeks after I got laid off off, this year it was about a month after I got laid off).

Not all doom and gloom though

I doDSCN3516_1062For email enjoy my time that I have to myself and and am spending much of it developing my new High Definition video work flow.  When I acquire my Canon HV30 HD Camcorder (in about 40 days), I should be able to hit  the ground running and get some HD video content shot, edited. rendered, uploaded, published, copywritten, and posted to my blogs in a very tight and a quite competitively short amount of time.  The advantage of having a rehearsed and organized work flow already developed. 

I am still considering if I am going to once again start to do serious reporting on local issues and stories on my Green Bay Confidential blog.  It will be dependent on how much capitol I can afford to spend on the projects (they are not cheap, a lot on money can be spent on travel and other costs, and there is no return as of yet on the investment).  Time will not be an issue until I return to work in April.  Then when I do return to work I will have the capitol to invest, but will be short on time.  I will definitely be posting to my PHOSARI blog though, as that is the kind of videography I enjoy the most. 

Good light on the walk

On the walk to the store, I did go at the correct time of day.  I had good light and decent conditions for DSCN3521_1067For emailshooting some stills (I am still using my little Nikon L4 point and shoot).

I was DSCN3535_1076For emailstruck by the way the reddish color of the The Catholic Diocese of Green Bay Chancery Office Building reflected the low light of the end of the day.  A shot from just the right angle, with the best composition I can achieve with the little lens of  the L4, and I may be able to capture something memorable.

The intro photo (cropped) at the top of this posting is the final view with the good light as I continued my walk down Webster Avenue. 

As I continued my way down the road, I could help noticing the way the low light and angle cause the trees to silhouette against the low soft light, colors and atmosphere created by the  falling sun.DSCN3539

I have always liked the "Sunset shot" as I am sure my readers can tell.

Here I am just down the road from the The Catholic Diocese of Green Bay Chancery DSCN3546_1084For emailOffice just before a little grave yard.  It is nestled between Chancery Office and Schroeders Flowers.

I may have to do a shoot there.  I have a posting on this blog from several years ago shot during a snow storm in Manitowoc's largest Grave Yard. 

As I passed Schroeders Flowers in noticed the way the low light highlighted the view of the Train Tracks that run under Webster Avenue.DSCN3545_1083For email

At these times I miss having a nice long (at least 400mm) lens to get that stacking effect and depth of field that one can only capture with an SLR and a telephoto lens. 

Here I am at the maximum "3X" zoom.  That transfers to only 102 mm equivalent. Not quite enough to get the desired affect, but I do believe I did manage to at least capture the "essence" of the shot.

As I compose this, I see on the radar that I will once again have the opportunity to capture the "Beauty" of winter once again ... along with a high temperature of 1 degree and a low of 30 below.

One never looses such an opportunity this year it seems.

Stay warm if you are in the Northern climates, and if you are where it is warm ... I hate you!

Just kidding!

Just for memory sake, the radar is below.

Current Radar in MI - Cadillac region



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