Saturday, January 14, 2006

Now Without Guns

It is quite a change from the photos below. Here I am 18 years old, in the Army, and a proud member of the Elite C. Co., !st Bn., 75th Inf. (Ranger).

I was a young Ranger When I went to Panama for Jungle Expert School, (most called just it jungle school, since none of us considered ourselves experts). I got to spend three weeks in the jungle courtesy of Uncle Sam, and I really enjoyed it.

We parachuted in the second time, and the third time I went down for the weekend in order to give the 101st a free ride down for thier little vacation in the tropics (we Rangers jump, and the Air Force pays for the flight).

The nicest thing about the trip down there was that it was during December and November, I nice break from the cool Georgia nights, to the scorching hot and humid days, but beatiful evenings and breathtaking sunsets. Too bad they didn't let me keep more of my pictures. As a mater of fact, these were from one of the senior NCO's that somehow managed to keep his.

Years later, as I started to train and work with some youger soldiers, it was interesting that some of the procedures and methods that I didn't understand then made sense to me by that time. What a difference the years can make.

After I did an evaluation on Ft. McCoy shortly after 9/11, I figured my military days were over.
Although I did well on the Eval., and ran the obsticle course in pretty good time, it was apparantly determined that the wars of the future were to be fought by the young. The Army didn't need old men like me.

Life goes on ... now without guns.


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