Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Look as good in a dress ... while dangling from a rope at 30 ft with a running chainsaw

It can seem as if time can slow down when one does not get results as fast as one wishes. I can only hope the results of my current job search endeaver does not cast me in the role of the guy who works on the floor, but gets called to go to the office and show the secretary how do preformat her correspondence , send a scv database of customer contacts, and configure her form filling software.
The last time that happened to me, it was because I was big and strong and could do the heavy lifting. Even though I was more qualified for the position of administrative
support, I simply did not look as good in a dress. Besides, why not have me do the physical labor and still be available to show the ones up front how to do their job when they are clueless. And if they do start running preformatted contact correspondence, they may run out of work. I'd just like to see her swing a running chainsaw while dangling from a rope at 30 ft.


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