Thursday, January 19, 2006

Life in Manitowoc ... Continuous Deja Vu.

Things have been going well here, I will start my little security position on Saturdays at the aluminum Foundry. The future will hopefully bring either more hours than the twelve I get on Saturdays with another assignment at another account, or perferably a postition that I can use my admin skills at during the week. I am trying to set up a guitar/music recording system on the coomputer. I have installed a program called Kristal to make multi track recordings. The problem now is that the sound card is a "MME" sound card, and the system calls for a "ASIO " type card. This is because I am using a Tascam CD-GT1 or Guitar trainer to record with. It only has a headphone out and not a USB. That results in a 1.5 second lag in the sound when using the Kristal program. Therfore I have been using the "voice recorder" on Windows XP with the 1/8 in input direct into the sound card (Headphone out on the Tasacam). This is obviously not the preferred set up as there is no capability to overtrack, and the sound quality leaves much to be desired. I have been trying to find some books on the subject at the Library, but the resource's there on the particular subject are quite limited. What I require, and what I will probably be getting in the near future is a Line 6 Guitar Port with Riff Tracker, This would allow me to use a USB in , and give me real-time recording with Krystal. The unit also comes with its own recording software, but I wouldn't know which is better until I actually try them. Manitowoc has not changed that much in the downtown area, I do like the new Library though. The introduction of technology is sure nice with oline searching and renewing. Main Street still has much life to it,which is nice as many smaller cities have lost much of their downtown business's and establishments. I really enjoy seeing the sights that I grew up with, it's like living in continuous deja vu.

Marcel Kuemmet


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