Saturday, June 23, 2012

What’s been going on for the last few months.

As many of my readers and viewers have noticed, I haven’t been posting here or to my Youtube channel for a fewIMG_4245_157IMG_4245for online use months.  One reason for this is that I have been concentrating on doing serious reporting IMG_4243_156IMG_4243for online useand writing on political and environmental issues.  I have also been doing paid shoots for several clients in many different formats.  With the new style of production I started a second US Confidential Youtube page, for video produced in the for more serious news style. 

Having acquired a second HD camcorder, as well as running a Cannon 550D for video and stills, I have expanded my range of ability to cover stories with different looks.  This is also a great benefit when doing interviews.  With two camera IMG_3858_145IMG_3858for online useangles I can conduct a seamless interview, giving me the ability to simply talk with my interview subject normally while capturing it all on video from two different angles.  You can see the Panasonic here in these photos, and one can see the Canon in the video. 

I plan on doing a short Reflections_209Reflectionsfor online usestory for Wisconsin Confidential on one method of low emission transportation through the use of motorized bicycles.  In the video you will see that these guys have regular bicycles with small motors attached.  Any type of pedal bike can be outfitted with these small motors.  They go up to 40 mph, IMG_3738_208IMG_3738for online useand get mileage of up to 70 mpg.  I am going to interview some of these guys and maybe do a video in which we actually install one of these motors on a mountain bike.  My mountain bike preferably.  

I haven’t done much lately with my Green Bay Music Scene page in quite a while. I am hoping to squeeze in a few reports on a few local bands, new music venues, and a thing call Stryker Records.  You can see how far back they go at their Myspace page,  Be wary of the autoplay wrap video on the page.  Some are just not technically aware of what is cool, and what is not cool.  Today, I am going to Silent Illusion reunion and benefit concert at the Green Bay Distillery.  They started out a Stryker Records band over 14 years ago. 

There are quite a few good bands in the area I would like to cover.  One band that I helped form and played in for many years, Fine Line, is one.  There are also many new music venues, some that offer excellent stages and

support for the musical groups that perform in the their establishment.  As the industry of performing local live shows have changed basically to a non-paying gig, I had to give it up.  With rates that bands are paid no increasing in over 30 years, it is just not economically tenable for some of us to continue, regardless of our musical skill level.  You hear my music and playing while watching most of the videos that I produce, so I do still play, just not at the rates the local bar owners and promoters wish to pay.  A different business model. 

Look to the reports mentioned above on Wisconsin Confidential and The Green Bay Music Scene in the upcoming week.


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