Monday, October 13, 2008

As Fall Sets In

An introduction to the fall season with a last look at late Summer.

Bayshore Playground

Just as fall colors take hold, as I usually do, I like to post a few late Summer shots to DSCN2928_555For emaillead into the comparison of the the colors.  The changes are much more apparent when viewed in close comparison. 

Some of the changes can be seen the angle of the sun even this early in the season.  As these photos were taken over a month ago, the light changes as the angles change.

The low water and the dryer conditions can provide different visual effects.  If one can use these to their advantage, one can get good results even with a little point and shoot like the Nikon L4 I am using for these shots.

Soon, I will try to provide the contrast to the changes colors of the changing seasons.


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