Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dark Clouds Over the Bay and My Blogging Work Station

I don't usually do storm photos, but this one seemed to please me. Taken yesterday as some storms were moving east over the Bay of Green Bay, it looks far more menacing than it really was. Far angrier storms have moved over the Bay and have had their will at the park and with the Playground and Campground.

Here is where I do my blogging now. I am aspiring to upgrade to the far more rewarding experience of a large (22"or 24") widescreen second monitor. I have also been using a Toshiba laptop since the motherboard of my gateway seems to have run off with some defective process and gone astray.
And this was only 5 months I paid Gateway over $500 to replace with a new one. I was very surprised that the repair did not come with any warranty. No more Gateway computers for me!


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